Our Technology

Termodinamica technology has won the 2015 IBEX innovations award and has also been a finalist at the IBEX 2018 award comptetion with its latest 24V unit. We are the only maker of titanium heat exchangers for the marine industry in the whole world. There is no other manufacturer of such technology.

Following are some of our innovations:

Inverter Compressor

Termodinamica uses the inverter compressor with twin rotary architecture, a compressor characterized by extraordinary features. The compressor runs at variable speeds within the range of 600-6000 rpm, according to the instant power demand and without any waste of energy. Compressors can be applied either to water chiller or to direct expansion system.

Direct expansion systems with VRV architecture (Variable Refrigerant Volume), based on single condensing unit and multiple air handlers with a single 2 pipes refrigerant line, are better performing and are covered by a worldwide patent owned by Termodinamica.

The performance of Termodinamica VRV reaches EER and COP values (Energy Efficiency Ratio and Coefficient of Performance W/W) up to 7. This means that a 100ft yacht could be conditioned with a maximum power source of 9kw as against 25kw of a standard water chiller, and only 2 kw with the boat in temperature during summer.

An advanced electronic management allows to manage working temperatures of every air handler in the range of -15°C (5°F) to 18°C(65°F) in cooling, and 20°C(68°F) to 55°C(130°F) in heating, by using continuous variation of working temperature according to the required capacity.

The Inverter compressor is interfaced with a microprocessor system that analyzes every millisecond the best working conditions to obtain the maximum performance. The system offers surrounding cooling capacity with fast cooling and perfect set point temperature keeping. Capacity on demand helps to manage the system power and direct it where it is really needed, without energy waste. The final result is an important energy saving with 50% off as minimum guaranteed compared to all other systems in the market, but often, Termodinamica is able to do more, with energy savings up to 75%. Termodinamica in the last years, was the reference point for the owners and yards focused to reach the highest yacht efficiency.

Key Highlights

  • Acceleration: Compressor soft start and digital acceleration.
  • Size: High speed compressors require half size, for the same cooling capacity.
  • Weight: Reduced from 2 to 3 times. A 100ft yacht requires 100kg (220lb) against 400kg (880lb) of a standard water chiller.
  • Reliability: Superior compared to any other competitor. Microprocessor drivers continuously survey the compressor working state and not only does it prevent the breakdown, it also prevents every possible electric or mechanical stress. An optical sensor surveys the quality and quantity of crankcase oil. All this data is displayed on the touch screen to allow a simple reading.

EEV are the most important components of our systems. These valves allow you to get extremely precise temperature outputs from air diffusers. EEV offers an accurate electronic control with 500 steps allowing for precise operation of the air handler to the tenth of degree (0.1°)!

Compared to a hydraulic line, refrigerant lines allow you to optimize performance. This allows you to minimize the wait time in getting desired temperature into the cabins. With this system, it is possible to maintain one room at a working temperature of 77°F (25°C) and another room at a temperature 68°F (20°C). This is done by adjusting air handler coils at different temperatures.

Each valve has a dedicated microprocessor that manages and communicates with a central CPU. On the contrary, chillers have the same water temperature for all of their air handlers and the thermostat only controls fan speed. This technology, with the use of inverter compressors, is exclusive to Termodinamica which holds worldwide patents for the marine industry.

These valves also allow CPU control of superheat and condensation of refrigerant to come up to the physical limit of its operating curve. Catalogue includes machines that heat the yacht with sea water temperatures down to 23°F (-5°C)!

With Termodinamica’s system on board, there’s no need to install additional heating systems. Thanks to this evolved management of the electronic valve we obtain values of COP (Coefficent of Performance) of up to 7.1 kw electricity consumed, 7 kw heating capacity produced. It’s possible to accomodate custom made systems for heat pump boilers and pools.

EEVs offer 500 adjustments, due to an accurate electronic control, and allow precise operations of the air handler at the tenth degree (0.1°F). The refrigerant line, compared to hydraulic line allows you to optimize performance and to minimize the wait time in getting desired temperature into the air handler.

This technology, including the use of inverter compressor, is exclusive to Termodinamica which holds worldwide patents for the marine field. These valves allow also CPU control of superheat and condensation of R410A gas and come up to the physical limitation of its operating curve.

The catalogue includes machines that heat the yacht with sea water temperatures down to 10°F (-12°C). Ocean water temperatures at the poles are around 26°F (-3°C), so if you install Termodinamica there is no need of additional heating systems.

Electronic Expansion Valves

Remote Control GSM-GPS

Termodinamica uses special materials for the production of the components they offer. This enables them to provide systems that are extremely performing and ultralight.

For professional customers – 24/7 monitoring system is available that is constantly communicating with Termodinamica´s operating center to alert in case the system begins to work in harsh conditions.

On board, the software is based on a smart fault prevention system.

It surveys every component of the system, (temperatures, pressures, voltage etc) and before a component can breakdown for continuos work in harsh conditions, the software will analyze the anomalies and will control it. Termodinamica marine remote control system makes every crew member happy guaranteeing a superior level of service.

Termodinamica adopts a compact and accurate telemetry system. It leverages a GSM / UMTS network to transmit to the central command center of support, all the operating parameters of the machine and notifies in advance the possibility of any failure. The GSM modem constantly communicates with the CPU of the system that controls the state of the machine. The control software processes all the information received and, in case of a possible system anomaly, security staff is alerted. Hence, they can contact the nearest technical support center, even before that the owner may require service. The GPS system, built into the modem, allows you to know at all times where the boat is, without any additional information by the owner. In case of minor anomalies, the service center can work remotely (via remote) by helping the on board engineer. The malfunction can be diagnosed and fixed in a few minutes. Termodinamica builds in series its products, but offers a high degree of customization.

After the installation, if the ship owner wishes to have further adjustments on the ventilation speed or on the control of the working temperature, it is possible to adjust in real time, and directly from remote, the operating parameters of the machine.

We work to fulfill every desire, even those of the most demanding owners.

An advanced air conditioning system needs advanced controllers. The system is equipped with 4.3” wide touchscreen, bright, and very sensitive to touch. The touchscreen display can also be customized and offerend in a larger size. Up to a maximum size of a 15” glass surface.

The user has the option of choosing from a different set of parameters, such as 7-speed ventilation overnight mode and the automatic mode. The Power Manager software has a dedicated area where you can set the maximum power consumption of the HVAC system.

The service mode display, displays the working conditions of the system, available in various different graphics, showing up to 3 months of data.

The fault prevention display contain a series of indicators that help the user with troubleshooting problems in case the system is facing any type of issues.

From the home display you can remotely control a single are or more than one cabin. The system can also be controlled from any smartphone or tablet connected to wifi. The Termodinamica system is equipped with a 4, 3″ touch screen that allows the user to control the entire system. Very useful is the power manager software that allows to adjust the maximum power source for air conditioning at certain value. This function can be also automatic with load sensors that detect others loads level and adjust the AC power. Another special function allows to cool the yacht with battery only without genset for several hours. (Up to 6 hours for 90ft with 700Ah) Available models are 4, 3″ 7″ 10″ 13″ and 15″ A service page helps the captain to check working conditions and maintenance level of the system. Water and air filters, working hours, power supply level etc. This is a helpful human-machine interface to have an efficient system at all times.

You can get access to the touch screen through a smartphone application or via internet to remote control the boat or get access to service area.

We offer touch screen controls for air conditioning and refrigeration system for yachts and cruise ships.

Touch Screen