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Reliability you can count on

Termodinamica offers a wide range of product options and we also have the ability to custom build for any project that you might have.

24V Unit

TD24V1 is Termodinamica’s solution for boats under 50ft. This unit is based on a variable speed compressor powered directly at 24 Volts DC capable of 16.000 btu/h in the cooling mode.

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Compressor Box

The Termodinamica compressor boxes are designed to offer maximum comfort and superior efficiency. The unique and patented technology is able to manage “on demand” power requests for every single air handler.

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Megayacht Refrigeration

Thanks to Termodinamica deep knowledge of refrigeration systems, we have developed a range of refrigeration equipments suitable to accurately store delicate foods in megayachts and cruise ships.

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Humidification Control Units

Termodinamica’s Air Handling units can be installed in every kind of air duct. Its coils are able to work in the range -10°C (14°F) to +18°C (65°F) in cooling and 20°C (68°F) to 55°C (130°F) in heating. The coil works with direct refrigerant expansion or with water circulation. Controls for humidification and dehumidification are available.

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Titanium Heat Exchangers

Termodinamica is specialized in manufacturing and designing Titanium Advanced Heat Exchangers for industrial and marine applications. The base material is high purity Titanium full TIG welded totally corrosion proof and prevents fouling by vegetation and salt in marine industry. Capacity ranges from 1KW to 1 MW

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Air Handler

The Termodinamica Air Handler has been designed to be compact and very powerful. Its coil in copper with narrow ranks and high silver content can develop an impressive 30,000btu thermal power in air conditioning. Stainless Steel 316 and blue hydrophilic film protects your health from bacteria and allows a perfect sanitation of the coil.

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